Caravaggio Beyond the Canvas is a theatrical, cinematic, narrative experience into Caravaggio’s life. Four immersive rooms come to life to tell the life-story of one of the greatest painters in art history in a new and powerful way.

Over 40 paintings await to capture the visitors in their mysterious tricks of lights and shadows: be prepared to be amazed by the dark atmospheres, sometimes grotesque, of the most famous paintings, from a unique, cinematic, emotional point of view. The highlights of the life of the painter, the friendships and the loves, the tragedies and the successes are revealed, and also the places dear to his soul: from his native village to the studio in MiIan, from the splendour of Rome to the refuges in Naples and Malta.

​The story unfolds itself in four acts, tracing the artist’s life chronologically through an integrated system of multi-projections, sensorial elements and an intimate narration that guides the visitors. One of the most sophisticated video mapping technologies – the creation of which required 360 hours of footage and an international team of over 50 professionals –  is used to display works otherwise inaccessible for public view, offering a unique point of view and an exciting level of detail.