THE AIMES conceives and produces imaginative, narrative driven exhibition experiences that showcase original classical and contemporary art using innovative storytelling techniques, new media and technology. 


Devising a new exhibition language to establish a dialogue between the original works of art and the setting, THE AIMES invites audiences on unique immersive journeys that engage, provide deeper insight and help build a personal connection with world renowned works of art.


With a fundamentally new approach to cultural public engagement, and aspiring to lead change within the spheres of art and education, THE AIMES also offers consultancy, coordination and strategic planning to governments, museums, and cultural entities worldwide.



ART AS A START serves as the shorthand philosophy behind THE AIMES creative and realization process. Analyzing the artist’s work process, life story, historical and socio-cultural background as well as their chosen medium, scale and structure of their work, helps identify the thematic approach. The thematic approach inspires the architectural design as well as materials and textures used. The already existing and still emerging art forms prompt the use of new media and choice of storytelling tools. The artwork and artist lead to the choice of narrative. Derived from a single source - the art, all of these components that make up the final experience work seamlessly together. The exhibition experience is elevated to that of a multi-sensorial narrative journey. On this journey the audience is presented with the bigger story of the artwork they are about to experience: the story of the artist, and the world they come from.



A change in color, tone and brightness can alter the space in a fundamental way. Using light as a baseline narrative tool is essential to the scenography and narrative development, capable to enhance and diffuse detail, establish narrative progression and invoke emotion.


The design of the physical setting of the exhibition is means to establish the dialogue between the artwork and the space surrounding it. The physical setting can highlight the artwork, establish the mood, provide breaks and passageways through the narrative as well as offer important context on its own.


The choice of materials used in the exhibition is another way that the narrative can be physically supported. The texture and color choice are based on the thematic approach and help deliver the story as much as any other element. This attention to detail is paramount to the making of a fully immersive, multi sensorial experience.


Media technology evolution has opened many doors to create. Whether it is interactive, video and sound, robotic, kinetic or digital layers that supplement the space, the possibilities of multimedia use are limited only by creativity. These tools are some of the most powerful ways to drive the main narrative.


Sound on its own can be a powerful tool even if not accompanied by any imagery. A sound design of the environment as well as control of sound throughout the space are essential to creating the narrative atmosphere.


Immersive theater is a powerful tool to blur the lines between real and narrative worlds. The presence of people already a part of the story invites the audience to engage, and creates a special atmosphere of inclusion.





NSPRD is the art point of departure of any creative venture that THE AIMES takes on. NSPRD designs, promotes and brings art exhibitions to life, bridging concept with realization in the most structured yet imaginative way.


With innovative use of video and high speed filming, 360FX creates real life shots bound to mesmerize and shift perspectives. Their fearless creativity and artistic approach makes them the go to studio for THE AIMES filmed content.


EDI conjures up imagery that can otherwise only live in the imagination. Their CGI and post- production skills help deliver an extra layer of hyperrealistic magic. Using a wide variety of tools and techniques, they influence the look, feel and atmosphere of THE AIMES content with their special touch.



ATLAS is the heavy-lifter that is completely irreplaceable on site. With their ability to design and produce custom-made elements for any event, they represent the reliable structural aspect of any project and provide the strength of their construction knowhow and build experience.


In the fast evolving world of new media and technology, ATECH offers its insight into new and imaginative ways to communicate. Developing custom technology solutions as well as meaningful content to deliver narratives, they are behind THE AIMES exhibitions immersive and interactive elements.



With their passion for education, culture and the performing arts, CULTURE EMULSION lends its expertise to the development of THE AIMES captivating and informative edutainment concepts, designing unique ways to teach all ages and inspire emotion. They create new ways to bridge people of diverse backgrounds to share new ideas and create engagement.